Ribbon Cutting Event TODAY!

Join us TODAY for the Westfall Ribbon Cutting, 3:00-5:00 pm!
October 25, 2016/by Fran Kenney

Ways to Outsource Lawn Care at Your Westfall Home

For some, lawn care is a rewarding hobby while others just don’t have the time. We’ve rounded up some helpful sources for lawn care and maintenance in the Orange County and Chatham County areas.
October 12, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez

11 Homebuying Terms You May Not Know

When buying a first home, people are often overwhelmed and rely heavily on a real estate agent to translate. This time, you better understand the process, know what you want, (and may actually read the documents)! While you certainly know the words “mortgage,” and “down payment,” here are 11 other terms to remind yourself about this time around:
September 26, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez

5 Beautiful Westfall Kitchens

As you build your custom Westfall home, sometimes it’s hard to picture how everything will come together. Here are examples of five Westfall kitchens to help you design the space of your dreams
September 12, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez

Hidden Gems in Chatham and Orange Counties

Chatham and Orange Counties offer a lot of well known activities for area residents. And when you’re tired of visiting the Nasher Museum, relaxing on the Jordan Lake beach, or playing golf, there’s still plenty more to do! Check out these hidden gems.
August 29, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez

5 Frequent Questions from Westfall Homebuyers

Homebuyers who come to Westfall know what they want. But buying any home means asking a lot of questions. We chatted with Realtor® Chris Armstrong of Domicile Realty to answer your FAQs.
August 15, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez

4 Questions to ask When Buying a Home That’s Not Built

For some homebuyers, the idea of buying a home that is not built can be intimidating. Here are four questions to ask as you look at new construction homes in Chatham and Orange counties.
July 25, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez

Weekend Activities Near Jordan Lake

Living in Chatham County has many benefits — including its location right down the road from the Jordan Lake Recreation Area.
June 29, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez

Five Golf Courses Around Chapel Hill

Golf is a popular sport in North Carolina, and in the Triangle there are multiple courses, including several in Orange, Durham, and Chatham Counties. Here are five to explore near Westfall.
June 13, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez
home in chatham county

How Owning a Home in Chatham County Saves Money

Buying a home in Chatham County means saving money on property taxes. The area also ranks below average for other costs of living.
June 1, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez
living close to UNC

7 Advantages of Living Close to UNC-Chapel Hill

Westfall’s location near Chapel Hill but in a self-contained neighborhood is the perfect place for taking advantage of the best the University of Chapel Hill has to offer, without any of the downsides.
May 16, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez

Buying a Home? 7 Reasons to Build a Custom Home in Chapel Hill

Buying a home can be fun: shopping around, examining the different…
May 2, 2016/by Jennifer Suarez