Exterior Examples of Westfall Floor Plans

Creating a custom built home is a fun challenge. For those seeking their dream home, custom homes are the best solution. But figuring out exactly what type of floor plan is far different than knowing what amenities your dream home contains.

While any Westfall floor plan can be completely customized, we offer several options to help you brainstorm about the best layout for your lifestyle. Still, it may be hard to picture how those will appear on the outside in real life instead of drawings. Here are some photo examples to help guide you:

The Paula Ann

This home comes with three options, and here is a Terramor home within Westfall that follows the Paula Ann option B. These homes have four to five bedrooms, three to four bathrooms and a three-car garage. Total square feet ranges from 3,768 to 3,783.


The Providence is by Arthur Rutenberg Homes. It’s 3,106 square feet, with four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a bonus room, and a two-car garage. There are two variations of this home. The one below is the A variation.  



The Virginia II
The Virginia II is from ICG Homes and ha four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Homes are between 3,900 and 4,541 square feet.


Curious about our homes? Stop by to visit us for a tour or check out our other floor plan options.

Ways to Outsource Lawn Care at Your Westfall Home

Lawn care is an important part of your Westfall home. Each resident in our beautiful neighborhood has at least a half-acre lot of green. For some, lawn care is a rewarding hobby while others just don’t have the time. We’ve rounded up some helpful sources for lawn care and maintenance in the Orange County and Chatham County areas.

Why Outsource Lawn Care
First, why outsource? Spending time working on the lawn is satisfying. When you are done, you can see the hard work you put into it. But most people do not have the time to maintain the lawn after working all week and spending weekends on activities. U.S. News points out that it’s smart to outsource domestic chores.

Second, residential lawn service companies use professional equipment, which means your lawn will look twice as good. These professional teams maintain sharp blades, which cuts your grass cleaner, preventing disease and insect infestation. And a pro will mow at the correct height based on the season and your lawn. Plus, your team can help with other landscaping or just manage the cutting.  

Triangle Lawn Care Options
Whether you heavily landscape or keep the grass, here are some options if you want help maintaining the appearance of your yard.

  • Canopy Lawn Care – Subscription and online services are popping up for everything these days and lawn care is no exception. This service has a nice feature: they can give you a quote fairly quickly after typing in your address.
  • Craigslist/Yelp – Online review and ad sites are a great place to find professional lawn care services. Review sites have the added benefit of letting you know who does a good job and who doesn’t.
  • Buy Local – The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce has a page in their directory for Gardening and Landscaping services.
  • Ask Thy Neighbor – Westfall has some great neighbors who can offer their suggestions or their teenage children looking for a summer job.

How did you find your amazing lawn care crew? Share with us on our Facebook page.


11 Homebuying Terms You May Not Know

Homebuyers looking at Westfall are not new to buying a house. But even the most experienced buyer may need a refresher on the language surrounding the purchase of a new home.

When buying a first home, people are often overwhelmed and rely heavily on a real estate agent to translate. This time, you better understand the process, know what you want, (and may actually read the documents)! While you certainly know the words “mortgage,” and “down payment,” here are 11 other terms to remind yourself about this time around:

Acceleration Clause
As part of your mortgage, a lender can demand full payment. This happens in response to late payments.

Agreement of Sale
This is a contract signed by the buyer and seller that indicates the terms and conditions of the sale, such as price, dues, and fees.

Certificate of Title
A title company issues this certificate to show the title of the property is insurable.

Deed of Trust
You are probably familiar with the deed, which shows you own the house. A deed of trust is given to a trustee to hold against the debt borrowed. That way if the borrower defaults on the loan, he or she can sell the house and use those funds to repay the debt.

Earnest Money
Earnest money is not present in all home sales. It’s a deposit buyers give to the seller as a sign of good faith. Earnest money is applied as part of the down payment. But just like a rental deposit you may lose this money if the sale is not completed.

Easement Rights
In some properties, you may need to use another person’s property to access your home. In that case, you could be granted easement rights, or the right to access or use someone’s property without actually owning it.

Escrow has multiple meanings in real estate, which is why many people get confused about the term. When buying a home, escrow is the money you send to a third party who holds it until all conditions of the sale are met.

If a lien has been placed on a home you want to buy, it means someone has claim to that property until a debt is repaid. Liens may be held by a general contractor who worked on the house or the government, if owed back taxes.

Pre-qualified vs. Pre-approval
Prequalified means that a lender has taken a look at your basic finances and determined the rough amount of mortgage for which you might qualify. It does not guarantee a loan and does not include a look at your credit report. Prequalification is a process that’s useful to determine whether you are financially ready. Preapproval is the next step and is more official, requiring a mortgage application, usually with an application fee. The lender will then do a more in-depth check on your finances and credit and then let you know how much they will lend.

Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Broker
Real estate agents are licensed by the state and work for a firm. A broker is a step above that; an agent who holds a broker license and can therefore sell homes on his/her own. Meanwhile, Realtor refers to an agent who belongs to the National Association of Realtors.

A property’s title is a report of activity, including any liens against it or other ownership. You want a home with a clean title, meaning it has no liens or other claims to it.

5 Beautiful Westfall Kitchens

The kitchen might be the most important room in the house. As you build your custom Westfall home, sometimes it’s hard to picture how everything will come together.

Our respected homebuilders use only high-quality materials for all countertops, cabinets, and hardware. Westfall kitchens feature elegant lighting, open space, and optional seated bars, walk-in pantries, and other choices to make your kitchen fit your lifestyle.

Because the kitchen is such a focal point, we’re sharing some of the best kitchens in Westfall. Use these photos as a guide to help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Find more design ideas in our gallery or contact us today to start building your custom home. (Click image to view larger/open slideshow.) 

527 Lystra HR-5 Brightleaf_Westfall & Weaver's Pond (2) Terramor_PaulaAnn_LoRes_012 Terramor_Sorrell_016 TM-OK6_015

Hidden Gems in Chatham and Orange Counties

Chatham and Orange Counties offer a lot of well known activities for area residents. And when you’re tired of visiting the Nasher Museum, relaxing on the Jordan Lake beach, or playing golf, there’s still plenty more to do! Check out these hidden gems:

Paddle down the Haw River. Paddle your own canoe — or kayak — in a guided or self-guided trip with The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co. This activity provides physical benefits and a chance to see nature. They offer many options for all fitness and interest levels.

Sip wine among the grapes. Of course sipping wine from your porch at Westfall is always a good idea, but you can mix up the views by visiting Chatham County’s two wineries: Silk Hope Winery in Pittsboro and Horizon Cellars Winery in Siler City. Both offer wine tastings, special events, live music, and food.

Explore a hidden trail. Many people turn to the Riverwalk in Hillsborough or the American Tobacco Trail, which runs through Durham and Chatham counties. But Chatham County has miles of other walking trails to explore plus the 275-acre White Pines Nature Preserve. Find a place for your weekend walk or an all-day hike.

Learn about biofuels. Next time you have visitors in town and you’re looking for something different, take a tour of Piedmont Biofuels, which produces biodiesel out of cooking oil. A tour includes the chance to see the facility and learn about the process. Learn more: http://www.biofuels.coop/education/tours.

What surprising things to do have you found in Chatham or Orange counties?


5 Frequent Questions from Westfall Homebuyers

Homebuyers who come to Westfall know what they want. But buying any home means asking a lot of questions. Now that you’ve bought a home or two, you even know what to ask. We chatted with Realtor® Chris Armstrong of Domicile Realty to answer your FAQs.

Are you truly custom builders?
Many home developers offer so-called custom homes. But what they are really offering are customizable homes. In those cases, you are given a range of choices for fixtures, plans, suppliers, but still limited by those lists. At Westfall, “we offer true custom homes,” Chris says.

You can borrow from our ideas or bring us your own lists of companies, fixtures, or anything else you want to include in your home.

Do you have opportunities outside of Beech Slope Court?
Yes. We are currently developing in the Beech Slope Court area (see our site plan), but there are other home sites available. Stop by to learn more.

What’s going on with Chatham Park?
Chatham Park is a 7,000-acre mixed-use development here in Chatham County. “Many Westfall buyers are curious is because of how that might impact their home value,” Chris says. “It’s something I talk about because it’s important. Growth is coming.”

Luckily that growth is generally good for your home value and access to amenities. Of course, no one can predict the real estate market or make promises, but exciting things are happening in our area.

What are the HOA dues and what are the covenants?
HOA dues are just $90 per month. The main covenant people want to know about is design review. All plans for additions and changes are put before the design review board.

How big are the sites? What are the amenities?
Westfall’s home sites are a half-acre or larger. The neighborhood offers a pool, a turf field, and a walking trail. Residents can also join the Governor’s Club just down the street. “You don’t have to live within their gates to be a member,” Chris says.

What questions do you have about Westfall? Contact us to find out if it’s the right home for you.

4 Questions to ask When Buying a Home That’s Not Built

Buying a home in a new development has many advantages. New neighborhoods such as Westfall come with no prior owners, options to customize the house, and no home repairs needed. New home developments are often located away from the city center, ideal for those seeking more land, a larger house, and more privacy.

About 41 percent of people said they’d prefer to buy a new home, according to one survey. Yet for some homebuyers, the idea of buying a home that is not built can be intimidating. Yes, the process is slightly different. For example, you’ll be buying the home from the builder, not the owners. Here are four questions to ask as you look at new construction homes in Chatham and Orange counties:

What comes with the new home?
Homes come with “standard” features the same way cars do. Ask for a list of standard features so you know what will come with your house and what features may cost extra. Any model homes you tour will be a mix of the standard features and some upgrades. If you see something in particular you like about the model home, be sure to ask and make a note.

What’s in the contract?
Make sure you fully read the contract and have your real estate agent do so as well. It’s important to know the terms when buying a home that is not built. Be sure to ask about the HOA and any other regulations or fees. Don’t be shy about asking questions about this very important investment.

How will the neighborhood develop?
Neighborhoods that are built as people buy the lots and choose house types should be mapped out. At Westfall, you can see the map in the main office. You can also check with the city planner’s office if you’re not sure about a new development in the Chapel Hill or Pittsboro area. One thing to note: a neighborhood under construction means you will see and construction vehicles at times. Luckily at Westfall, the lots are large and far apart.

Is there a warranty?
Any time you buy a home that’s not built (or even one that is), be sure to have it inspected by a professional home inspector. And ask about a home warranty, which should indicate the builder is responsible for any major repairs for a certain length of time. The warranty may cover appliances as well, but in some cases, features such as windows may be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty instead. Be sure to find out.

What other questions do you have about buying a custom home?


Weekend Activities Near Jordan Lake

Living in Chatham County has many benefits — including its location right down the road from the Jordan Lake Recreation Area.

If you’re seeking some weekend fun with your family, there are plenty of things to do, both at the lake at nearby. Here are just a few outdoor weekend activities that the area has to offer:

  • Jordan Lake – Obviously the lake itself provides multiple activities, including boating, swimming, camping, hiking, fishing, and picnicking. Those living in Westfall or nearby might consider getting a season pass to take full advantage.
  • Carolina Tiger Rescue – This nonprofit wildlife sanctuary aims to save and protect wild cats. Take a guided tour to see tigers, lions, bobcats, servals, ocelots, and more. For a special treat, take the Twilight Tour, or sign up your kids for a fun summer camp.
  • Fearrington Village – Although it is a residential community, Fearrington Village makes a nice stop on your way to or from another activity. This cute little community has a few shops, eateries, and an Inn. It’s a place to browse a bit, grab a sandwich and check out the Belted Galloway cows.
  • Triangle Boat Tours – This is more fun at Jordan Lake, but deserves its own mention. From private sunset tours to corporate events, kids’ birthday parties and eco-tours, it’s a whole new way to experience Jordan Lake.
  • New Hope Valley Railroad – All aboard! Enjoy a pleasant cruise through the scenic woods and learn about train history. This volunteer group keeps trains running along with a train museum for enthusiasts of all ages. There are also special events such as Santa Trains and ice cream socials.

Of course Chatham County and the surrounding area offer much more to see and do, both indoors and out. What activities would you add to this list?

Five Golf Courses Around Chapel Hill

Love golf? We’ve got you covered. Golf is a popular sport in North Carolina, and in the Triangle there are multiple courses, including several in Orange, Durham, and Chatham Counties. Choosing from among them isn’t easy, but based on area reviews, here are five to explore (in no particular order).

1. Governors Club
11000 Governors Dr Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Type of Course: Private
If you’re looking to join a club, look no farther than just up the street from Westfall! Governors Club is a stone’s throw from the neighborhood, making it the perfect option for the avid golfer. With both informal and formal dining options, tennis, swimming, and more, it’s a wonderful perk for Westfall’s residents.

2. The Preserve at Jordan Lake
840 The Preserve Trail, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Type of Course: Semi-private
Also near Westfall, this course offers gorgeous views and a bit of a challenge. Many golfers report it as an unforgiving course and encourage others to bring extra golf balls, but don’t seem to mind. Some said the greens take some getting used to, but reported looking forward to the return visit to improve their scores.

3. The UNC Finley Golf Club
Finley Golf Course Rd. Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Type of Course: Public
Obviously you’ll see a few more students on this course, but many golfers are pleased with the greens, the course, and the overall atmosphere.

4. Hillandale Golf Course
1600 Hillandale Rd Durham, NC 27705
Type of Course: Public
If you’re looking for a great round of golf and a fun course, this is the place. Golfers report it as less challenging than some courses, but more fun with a Durham atmosphere and fantastic staff.

5. Golf Club at Chapel Ridge
1010 Chapel Ridge Dr. Pittsboro, NC 27312
Type of Course: Semi-private
Looking for another course close to home? The Golf Club has some great views, water hazards and wooded areas that create an interesting layout. Some golfers say the course has its challenges, but felt more “user friendly” than other area courses.
What’s your favorite golf course in the Chapel Hill area?

How Owning a Home in Chatham County Saves Money

There are many fantastic homes in the Triangle area of North Carolina. But yet one more reason to live in the Westfall neighborhood — lower property taxes.

North Carolina already ranks among the lowest 15 states in the country for property tax, averaging out to 0.88 percent, according to the Triangle Business Journal.

Even though we have a Chapel Hill address, Westfall is located in Chatham County, North Carolina instead of Orange County. According to the tax rate chart from the North Carolina Department of Revenue, nearby Orange County is among the more expensive addresses, while Chatham and Wake are among the least expensive:

Wake County – 0.6145
Chatham County – 0.6219
Johnston County – 0.7800
Durham – 0.7931
Lee – 0.7950
Orange – 0.8780

Depending on where you live, you may be charged additional property tax for your fire district, transit, city, and more. For example, Westfall is in the North Chatham fire district, which means an additional 0.0880 for a total rate of 0.799. (Learn more.) However, residents in the cities of Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham also pay additional taxes, and Wake County’s government is considering a tax increase this year.

Other Low Costs

Property taxes are not the only way you save. If you buy a home in Chatham County, you’ll pay a lower sales tax than in some parts of Orange County and other Triangle areas. You’ll also find many services for a lower cost than Chapel Hill businesses must charge, such as daycare, lawn care, hair care, and more of the things you use every single day.

North Carolina also boasts one of the lowest costs of living in other areas, ranking below average for housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, and health care, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research cost of living index.

If taxes are among your consideration points, take another look at owning a home in Chatham County. We’re happy to answer your questions about our community!